Here, you may find a list of my main research topics.

Cooperative game theory

My first research topic (starting with my PhD thesis) is on cooperative games and their axiomatic solutions. In particular, my focus is on voting games, with the investigation of empirical data about parlamentary elections. The particularity of my analysis is to include the network structure in the model, to take into account the affinities of the parties and how this may influence the coalition formation and the power share in a Parliament.

Digital economics

I work on digital economics, with a particular focus on a very new disruptive technology, the blockchain. I am a member of the ANR SIM – Smart IoT for Mobility project (PI: Fran├žois Verdier), which investigates the potential of Smart Contracts and their acceptability by the users in the domain of the car accidents.

Experimental economics

I am a member of the LEEN experimental economics laboratory (Laboratoire d’Economie Experimentale de Nice). My research in the field of experimental economics is oriented in three directions: studies on creativity (as a member of the GrICRiS – Green Innovation: Creativity, Risk and Social context project, PI: Giuseppe Attanasi), optimal stopping problems and investigation on the Nash program (with the implementation of cooperative game theoretical solutions via a strategic mechanism).

Personal data and privacy issues

I work on the privacy issues related to the personal data release and on the quantification of the value of such personal data.

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